Mobile Patrol Services in Charlotte, NC

Want to Live In a Safer Neighborhood? Don't Move...

Marked security vehicles checking your business, neighborhood or residence on a random basis, for a contracted number of times per day. Officers will check doors and windows to ensure that the property is secure, remove trespassers, investigate suspicious vehicles and other duties at your request.

Hire mobile patrol services in Charlotte, Sapphire, Raleigh, NC or North Myrtle Beach, SC

Is petty crime on the rise in your community? Don't shrug it off-call Capitol Special Patrol. Our patrol services are available in Sapphire, Charlotte, Raleigh, NC and North Myrtle Beach, SC. A qualified security officer will survey your home or neighborhood a pre-arranged number of times per day.

Call Capital Special Patrol to learn more about hiring us for residential patrol services.

Drive trespassers away with security patrols

Send a message to would-be criminals by hiring security patrols in your Charlotte, Sapphire, Raleigh, NC or North Myrtle Beach, SC neighborhood. Our mobile patrol officers will:

  • Patrol your residence or neighborhood in a marked security vehicle
  • Randomize patrols to prevent pattern recognition
  • Check doors and windows for signs of tampering
  • Inspect suspicious vehicles
  • Remove trespassers from the premises

Call 704-900-2162 today to keep your community safe with security patrols from Capitol Special Patrol.