Commercial Business Checks

Instead of paying an untrained guard, hire a professional security service to watch over your business. Capitol Special Patrol’s commercial checks include:


  • Commercial patrol services
  • Inspecting your business for signs of entry
  • Preventing and detaining trespassers

We can patrol your business as many times per day as you request. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that patrol services are safeguarding your business from damage and mischief while you’re away.

Contact 704-900-2162 today to schedule security patrols while you’re out of town.

Stationary Officer

When you hire private security through Capitol Special Patrol, we’ll send an officer to your home or neighborhood in Sapphire, Raleigh, Charlotte, NC or North Myrtle Beach, SC. The stationary officer will be present for a designated time period, watching for suspicious activity and sending a clear message to criminals.

Our stationary officer will also conduct regular patrol services on foot, in a vehicle or by bicycle.

Capitol Special Patrol can safeguard your private property from criminals, fires and other threats. Our private security guards will watch over your:

  • Person: Guard you and your family at home.
  • Property: Deter trespassers and vandals.
  • Assets: Protect your possessions.

To request a private security guard for your home or community, contact us today.

Alarm Response

Security alarms can only alert you to the fact that something has happened at your home. On the other hand, a private security alarm response officer can:

  • Check your home and perimeter for signs of trespassing or unlawful entry.
  • Take immediate action if an intrusion has occurred.
  • Detain trespassers until law enforcement arrives.

If our security patrols don’t find signs of a breach, they will secure your property until you arrive. Contact us now to set up an alarm response service through Capitol Special Patrol.

ATM/Bank Escorts
We will provide a security officer to accompany you while you service your automatic teller machines or make your daily bank deposit. Having an armed officer with you will be a significant deterrent to any would be robber.
Mobile patrol

Send a message to would-be criminals by hiring security patrols in your Charlotte, Sapphire, Raleigh, NC or North Myrtle Beach, SC neighborhood. Our mobile patrol officers will:

  • Patrol your residence or neighborhood in a marked security vehicle
  • Randomize patrols to prevent pattern recognition
  • Check doors and windows for signs of tampering
  • Inspect suspicious vehicles
  • Remove trespassers from the premises

Call 704-900-2162 today to keep your community safe with security patrols from Capitol Special Patrol.

VIP/Management Escorts
A uniformed or plain-clothed security officer will escort your important guest or executive. They will accompany and from their destinations to ensure their safe arrival and ability to conduct their business in peace. Commercial Private Event Security for your piece of mind.
Commercial Private Event Security Guard
Commercial Private Event Security Guards
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