Stationary Officer Services in Charlotte, NC

Deter Neighborhood Crime With a Stationary Officer

Contract private security guards in Charlotte, Sapphire, Raleigh, NC and North Myrtle Beach, SC

When you hire private security through Capitol Special Patrol, we'll send an officer to your home or neighborhood in Sapphire, Raleigh, Charlotte, NC or North Myrtle Beach, SC. The stationary officer will be present for a designated time period, watching for suspicious activity and sending a clear message to criminals.

Our stationary officer will also conduct regular patrol services on foot, in a vehicle or by bicycle. To request a private security guard for your home or community, call 704-900-2162 today.

Our patrol services can help protect what matters most

Capitol Special Patrol can safeguard your private property from criminals, fires and other threats. Our private security guards will watch over your:

  • Person: Guard you and your family at home.
  • Property: Deter trespassers and vandals.
  • Assets: Protect your possessions.

We can also perform other duties at your request. Contact Capitol Special Patrol in Raleigh, Charlotte, Sapphire, NC or North Myrtle Beach, SC today to arrange patrol services for your neighborhood.